The result of the most accurate selection of raw materials. Thanks to the ten-yearly experience of the operators highly specialized in the sector, the product gets accurately chosen, controlled and therefore destined to the manufacturing and preserving process through evolved technologies of freezing. The preserving process is guaranteed by the system of quick knocking down of the temperature that, not altering the molecular structure of the product, preserves its integrity, its compactness and the organoleptic characteristics until it gets used.


The esteemed Italian olive oil exalted by the intense truffle flavour.


Execellent quality ingredients and the best selected truffe.

Taste and genuineness on your table … every day.


Truffles are hypogeum mushrooms (that grow under the earth) that belong to the Tuber kind. Like all mushrooms they are lacking of chlorophyll and, for this reason, not being able to process the necessary substances (sugars and starches) for their own survival they link to some species of plants (trees and bushes), producing a relation called mycorrhizic symbiosis, from which both parts get advantages. The truffle itself is defined as fruiting body or carpophore and it’s linked to the plant with a vegetative structure called mycelium. The fruiting body vegetates underground next to the symbiont. It has a rounded shape more or less irregular, with variable sizes of the dimension of a chickpea or of an orange. Externally it is covered by a peel called peridium that can be more or less wrinkled if not completely smooth depending on the species of truffles; the interior is called pulp or gleba and it contains thousands of spores that have the reproductive function. Each species of truffle has a spores of different shape, colour and dimension.

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